Blogging with R Markdown

😭 Nearly time to say goodbye!

  • distill: perfect, not flexible

  • Hugo&hugodown: very flexible (too flexible?), changes fast, minimal&experimental R package

  • Hugo&blogdown: very flexible (too flexible?), changes fast, more complete R package but outdated docs at the moment

What to choose

  • distill

  • A Hugo theme built-in in hugodown or that you’d tweak following hugodown docs.

What to choose

Start by playing! Don’t commit right away.

Does any of you want to say what they’d choose and why?

True for all

  • Read the docs and follow development! 👀

  • Backup! ⚠️

Change your mind?

  • Migration tools

  • yaml, commonmark packages, etc.

  • Redirects! URLs are important. 404 page.

Have fun!

If you’re worried about blogging, find a blogging buddy to read your drafts?

Make efforts but don’t be perfectionist.

Setup is not fun

  • With R helper packages, setup is smoother

  • But in general setup = learning a new thing, hard but then you get used to it!

A word of caution

What if you enjoy setup too much?

Regular blogging?

No you don’t have to unless you call your blog “the daily blog” or so. 😉

Only write if you enjoy it! Your blog can be a portfolio/news board only.

Thank you!

🙏 Y’all for joining!

🙏 R-Ladies Johannesburg, in particular Vebashini Naidoo, for organizing!

Tell me

  • Issues in the website repo for questions 🙋‍♀️

  • Tweets/emails to show me your websites. ⭐