Hugo and hugodown

A powerful static generator, a handy WIP minimal package


Powerful and fast static generator

Only an .exe to install 🎉


R 📦

  • An R Markdown output format

  • Handy helpers

Experimental but easier to start with in my opinion.

From Rmd to website

Under the hood

graph LR; A[Rmd] --> |"R ( hugodown 📦,
downlit 📦)
& Pandoc"| B{md} B --> |"Hugo (Goldmark, Chroma)"| C[HTML]

Inspired by Emi Tanaka’s post

From Rmd to website

What you do

graph LR; A[Rmd] --> |"🔵 knit button"| B{md} B --> |"hugo build (locally or cloud)"| C[HTML]

No syntax highlighting 😑


Chroma syntax highlighting 👍


downlit syntax highlighting 😃

A meme to explain why downlit is great

Inspired by Mara Averick

hugodown syntax highlighting

  • downlit for R 🎉

  • Chroma for other languages ✨

🚠 Time for a demo!

Notes on the course website

Scientific Rmd Blog Checklist

  • R Markdown
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Modern
  • .bib
  • [?] Citation for posts (possible but custom layout)
  • Equations


Created by:

Hadley Wickham [aut, cre]

Used for, in particular.

Active development.


  • hugodown is a WIP minimal package.

  • the function I demo-ed is in my fork, see the main project for existing theme.

  • Hugo changes a lot (but hugodown helps protect your projects from that)

What about blogdown?!

It recently got updated so it can work like hugodown (no old post building, pfiew).

Many features! E.g. build.R and build2.R

The blogdown book will be updated soon

So blogdown or hugodown

  • Start with hugodown, minimal and less docs to read.

  • Follow the RStudio blog to know about blogdown updates.

  • Switch to blogdown if you need a more custom workflow? Or after its book update?

Further resources

Listed on the course website 📒

Questions, comments?

Write them in the chat!

Time for a break 🍵