Promote your blog

Put its URL everywhere!

Your ORCID profile, Twitter profile, GitHub profile, etc.

No dead ends please!

R Weekly

Weekly newsletter featuring links to blog posts but also slidedecks, etc., about R.

R Bloggers

Ingests the entire feed and repost posts.

It can take time from feed submission to feed validation.

Social media

E.g. Twitter.

Write a clear text, post URL, add a few hashtags, image (or carefully crafted infographics?) + alternative text.


Search Engine Optimization

  • Add links to your post

  • Read resources by marketers

Interact with readers

How to interact with readers?

On social media?

In comments? For Hugo, as an alternative to Disqus.

Negative feedback

(not constructive feedback)

Have a support system.

You don’t have to respond publicly, or at all.

If you were wrong, listen and do better.

Encouraging citations

Citing your posts



  • Do you need numbers? E.g. if you blog at work.

  • Are you ok using Google Analytics?

  • GDPR 😉

  • Alternatives? Matomo Analytics, others?